Worship Assistants

Many hands assist on Sunday morning worship. Each hand is important. See the opportunities below and decide where you can lend your hand.




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  •  Lead the congregation in saying the prayers of the people

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? - Contact Patti Peterson

  •  Welcome people as the enter the church

? - Contact Phil Koerner

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  • Distribute Bulletins
  • Collect offerings
  • Take Attendance
  • Guide Communion Participants
  • Guide guests to exits @ service close

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  • Read the lessons

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  •  Light the candles and assist the pastor

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  •  Distribute the Lord's Supper

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  •  Play instruments during the service

? - Contact Priscilla Silver

  •  SIng during the worship service

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Sound Board Technician
  •  Operate Sound Board

 ? - Contact Tim Martinez